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Investing well takes patience, practice and a lot of studying. How well do you know yourself? Do you enter and leave positions rarely thinking about how you reached the profit or loss you incurred?

YieldKeeper is designed for investors who want to take their investing to another level. Log your activity so you can come back and study your past. Know how well you are investing so you can make clear decisions about the path you're on.

Why wrestle with spreadsheets, a physical journal, your broker reports or nothing when you can use a tool designed with a superior user experience? You're not really using nothing, are you?


When you enter and leave positions, you find specific reasons that push you to execute -- these are valuable. Revisit prior trades and study the outcome to improve your future decisions.

Record your long and short positions, including notes and screenshots you can reference later.

Create a keyboard shortcut to access YieldKeeper, capture the moment and get back to work quickly.

Commission can be set in YieldKeeper's preferences and modified when entering a new trade.


Have you ever had a trade that went off extremely well, or one that was an absolute disaster? We all have. Despite the desire to forget some of those trades, they are a valuable learning tool.

Rate your trades so you can revisit them at a later date and study them.

See all of your trades detailed in one place.

Apply a dividend to a position.

View screenshots and notes.


Research is an important part of investing well, and gauging what people are saying can be a valuable asset. Maybe you don't immediately see why an equity is reacting in a certain way or you just want to get a general pulse; Twitter can be a fast way to get those answers.

$SYMBOL is widely accepted as a way to note what equity you are talking about on Twitter. When you search Twitter, always prepend a dollar symbol to get the best results.


Record your long and short positions in YieldKeeper while including notes and screenshots.

Study your history by rating positions and searching through them later. Learn from your prior experiences, good or bad.

Clean user interface makes it easy to immediately see how you are performing and gets you back in action quicker.

Search Twitter for a particular equity or event.

Create multiple profiles so you can track all of your portfolios.

Access calculation tools like percent changed, changed by percent and percent of a number.

... and a few other things, including free updates

Download YieldKeeper Today From The Mac App Store!