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Version 1.2 Released on May 18th, 2012

This version includes bug fixes and highly requested help documentation.
✓ Added a help manual (v1.0) that can be found by clicking Help > YieldKeeper Help
✓ Improved the help menu by re-organizing it
✓ Fixed bug when deleting a row in the detail view
✓ Fixed bug when a dividend was applied to a trade
✓ Fixed bug where simulate was not working as intended
✓ Fixed bug when selling a symbol before it was opened was causing problems
✓ Fixed bug where notes were not being saved properly when you edited them in the detail view.
✓ Fixed calendar issues that had been causing trouble at the beginning and end of the month.

Version 1.1 Released on April 17th, 2012

✓ Added: Enter a custom date for a trade so long as it is not a weekend.
✓ Changed: The detail view can no longer be closed by clicking on the same row in YieldKeeper. Please click the close button on the detail panel.
✓ Changed: Removed the warning when advancing a month in the calendar.
✓ Changed: Menus now provide a link to follow @YieldKeeper instead of @xmcgraw.
✓ Fixed: International issues with the calendar & days should be resolved.
✓ Fixed: Detail panel will properly order trades as you originally input them into the journal.
✓ Fixed: Updated how information from Yahoo Finance was being fetched.
✓ Fixed: Calendar now updates long and short gains properly.
✓ Fixed: Capturing screenshots were being named improperly. This may have caused problems if you updated several screenshots at the end of the trading day.
✓ Fixed: Copy and paste information within YieldKeeper.
✓ Other minor updates

Version 1.0 Released on March 26th, 2012

✓ Initial Release